Short end-of-year review: Court cases in 2016

I was again quite busy last year representing my clients from all over the world who needed legal representation before German courts. I have roughly counted the number of my court cases in Germany in 2016…and it is about 100 court appearances in 2016. Most of these court appearances happened before the special chambers of the German trademark courts and the German copyright courts. There had also been some purely commercial litigations about unpaid contractual royalties/fees. Other cases dealt with unfair competition claims of our clients against unfair competitors on the German market. In quite a number of these cases, several million Euros were at stake.

All my clients had been wonderful, amazing and always helpful with gathering all facts of the several cases. I had many pleasant meetings and conversations with you that enriched my thinking. Sometimes you had appeared together with me before a German court which is always a great experience.

If time permits, I will try to report more regularly about my court cases in 2017 in this litigation blog. Intellectual property cases and copyright cases will never be boring and I want to share my excitement with you more often.