PIM Gold GmbH: Investment fraud affecting almost 10,000 investors – claims for damages against intermediaries and investment advisors

Since September 2017, we have represented several dozen investors and companies in legal proceedings against PIM Gold GmbH. We have uncovered the dubious business practices of PIM Gold GmbH and have, among other things, enforced in court that PIM Gold GmbH is no longer allowed to falsely describe itself as a “refinery” or “largest gold portal” etc. From these legal proceedings we know the responsible heads and the sales structure of PIM Gold GmbH in detail. We have also represented persons and companies in court against PIM Gold GmbH who had already left the distribution structure of PIM Gold GmbH in 2017 and who subsequently faced injunctions by PIM Gold GmbH for alleged damage to their reputation. PIM Gold GmbH had attempted to silence these former agents and employees of PIM Gold GmbH by means of injunctions. These attempts were not successful.

The criminal charges and civil court proceedings brought by our clients led to the downfall of PIM’s obvious “mass fraud model”.

Frankfurt am Main Higher Regional Court:

  • Ref. 6 U 115/17
  • Ref. 6 U 203/17
  • Ref. 6 W 50/18
  • Ref. 6 W 90/18
  • Ref. 6 W 112/18
  • Ref. 6 U 165/18
  • Ref. 6 U 199/18
  • Ref. 6 U 204/18

Frankfurt am Main Regional Court:

  • Ref. 2-03 O 33/18
  • Ref. 2-06 O 239/18

Darmstadt Regional Court:

  • Ref. 4 O 339/17
  • Ref. 23 O 436/17

Giessen Regional Court:

  • Ref. 4 O 136/17
  • Ref. 4 O 307/17
  • Ref. 6 O 45/17

Hanau Regional Court:

  • Ref. 1 O 422/17
  • Ref. 6 O 66/18
  • Ref. 7 O 737/18

Hessian State Labour Court:

  • Ref. 10 Ta 215/19

Offenbach am Main labour court:

  • Ref. 4 Ga 4/17
  • Ref. 4 Ga 7/18
  • Ref. 2 Ca 34/19

Giessen Labour Court:

  • Ref. 9 Ca 188/19

Local court Offenbach am Main:

  • Ref. 35 C 11/18
  • Ref. 35 C 140/18
  • Ref. 35 C 146/18
  • Ref. 35 C 164/18
  • Ref. 36 C 456/17
  • Ref. 36 C 457/17
  • Ref. 38 C 445/17
  • Ref. 38 C 446/17
  • Ref. 38 C 447/17
  • Ref. 39 C 303/17
  • Ref. 340 C 362/17
  • Ref. 340 C 363/17
  • Ref. 340 C 365/17
  • Ref. 340 C 367/17
  • Ref. 370 C 380/17
  • Ref. 370 C 382/17
  • Ref. 370 C 383/17

Due to the representation of our clients in these court proceedings, we have access to a considerable pool of evidence and documents, which we can also use in future proceedings against PIM Gold GmbH or Premium Gold Deutschland GmbH, the respective responsible persons there as well as the intermediaries and investment advisors for their investment products.

PIM Gold GmbH are broke! What now?

Claims for damages against intermediaries and investment advisors and other responsible parties of PIM Gold GmbH

PIM Gold GmbH is obviously completely overindebted. The Darmstadt District Court has ordered the arrest of the assets of PIM Gold GmbH and Premium Gold Deutschland GmbH. The Managing Director of PIM Gold GmbH, Mesut. P., is now in custody on suspicion of commercial fraud. Current estimates indicate that PIM Gold GmbH has a shortfall of 1.5 to 2.5 tonnes of gold. More precise figures will be provided by insolvency proceedings, which will probably be opened shortly over the assets of PIM Gold GmbH. The insolvency administrator will then call upon the approx. 10,000 aggrieved investors to file their claims in the insolvency proceedings. You, as an aggrieved investor, can then file your claims against PIM Gold GmbH for bankruptcy. In this case, you will receive at most a fraction of your money invested with PIM Gold GmbH after many years.

In order to spare you such a scenario with a far-reaching loss of your invested money, we recommend that you examine possible claims against your broker or investment advisor through whom you made the gold investment with PIM Gold GmbH or Premium Gold Deutschland GmbH. These intermediaries or investment advisors may be culpable in thebreaching of their obligations as advisors or brokers by not informing you of the risks associated with gold investment with PIM Gold GmbH. In such a case, these advisors or brokers would then liable to you for damages. As there is a threat that your claim maybecome time-barred, it is necessary to assert your claims in court without delay!

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