Frankfurt am Main Regional Court: Atty. Dr. Seyfert prevented an interim injunction applied for by the plaintiff by an earlier filing of a protective brief with the court

As you may well know, in music groups, there are oftentimes frequent quarrels. A member of a well-known music group had left the band in a dispute. Through his lawyer, he sent a warning to the remaining members of the music group and wanted to prohibit them, among other things, from publicly performing and distributing the band’s music. The amount in dispute was almost 150,000 Euros.

In this situation, the remaining members of the music band hired us as lawyers for the legal dispute. After reviewing all the documents and evidence, Atty. Dr. Seyfert concluded that we should not give in in this case because the former band member’s accusations were unjustified. To prevent an interim injunction without a public hearing against our clients, Atty. Dr. Seyfert swiftly submitted a protective brief with the court. The injunction, which the former band member subsequently applied for through his lawyer at the Frankfurt am Main Regional Court, was unsuccessful due to our protective brief that the court had considered in its decision.

The other party gave up and withdrew the application for an injunction based on our statements in the protective letter. The former band member subsequently had to reimburse our clients for their expenses incurred. Of course, our clients continue to play the songs of the band at concerts.