Dates for public hearings in court in the year 2015 until now

My litigation blog entries have been a little scarce recently. I wanted to give you, my clients, priority as much as possible and worked for you around the clock in order to represent your cases successfully before the responsible courts. I intend to write more litigation blog entries this year.

I have just counted the cases I have represented my clients in court: In the year 2015, I have represented clients altogether 149 times in public hearings in court. In many cases I have been in court together with my clients to jointly and forcefully represent your interests. In this year 2016 until now (March 11, 2016) I have already had 29 court dates. Courts have indeed become my second home…and this is how it should be for an attorney. In many cases I know the responsible judges from cases I had in the past and can point out to you the peculiarities of each responsible court and judge.

Please feel free to comment. I want to thank you. Without your help and input I would not have been able to present the relevant facts of the individual case to the court and without your help a successful outcome of the lawsuit would in many cases not have been possible.