Blog – German Employment Law 2014: Increased limits for calculation of social contributions

Beginning from 2014 there will be increased limits for the calculation of contributions to the statutory German health insurance and the statutory German pension insurance:

  • General public pension insurance (former West-Germany): EUR 5,950 per month
  • General public pension insurance (former East-Germany): EUR 5,000 per month
  • Miner’s association pension insurance (former West-Germany): EUR 7,300 per month
  • Miner’s association pension insurance (former East-Germany): EUR 6,150 per month
  • Public health insurance: EUR 48,600 per year
  • Formal average contribution public pension insurance: EUR 34,857 per year
  • Income limit for compulsory public health insurance: EUR 53,550 per year.

This is relevant for both, Employers and Employees under German Employment Law.