Termination of Employment Dispute: Interim Injunction Obtained

Arbeitsgericht Berlin approves our application for interim injunction

ZELLER & SEYFERT successfully obtained an interim injunction on behalf of our client (Plaintiff) against a large corporation, a worldwide market leader in the pharma industry (Defendant), regarding a disputed termination of employment. The Defendant has been represented by one of the largest international law firms with US origin.

Our client is a senior employee of long standing at the said corporation and had been terminated due to a corporate restructuring.

It is our and our client’s position that this termination was not handled in accordance with the provisions of the Kuendigungsschutzgesetz and the Betriebsverfassungsgesetz.

Representing our client, ZELLER & SEYFERT have filed case to challenge this termination and, in the meantime, we have successfully obtained an injunction which ensures that our client, under the provisions of §102, Subsection 5, Sentence 1 of the Betriebsverfassungsgesetz / Works Constitution Act, is entitled to continue to be employed by the defendant.

This employment will continue under unchanged working conditions until the termination dispute is settled. The defendant was ordered to pay court costs for these proceedings.

The case will now proceed to the aforementioned challenge of termination case, which will be heard in front of the Arbeitsgericht Berlin in the coming months.