Introducing ZeuS

We would like to introduce you to the newest member of the ZELLER & SEYFERT team.

Please welcome ZeuS !

We at ZELLER & SEYFERT have been searching for quite some time to find a logo which we feel accurately reflects our image and values. After some time, and following a great deal of trial and error, we decided that ZeuS was the guy for the job.

But why ZeuS?

At ZELLER & SEYFERT, we have always prided ourselves on our tough and uncompromising approach to litigation. Our motto is “We love conflicts!” and we wanted an image to champion this attitude. ZeuS is a bulldog and several of this breed’s traits are traits we share. This breed is known for being tenacious, loyal and immensely strong, quite often referred to as the perfect guard dog. He is stubborn, bold and protective of his charges. Plus, he has really thick skin, and that is something of a necessity in the legal profession, in particular at a court of law.

Essentially, ZeuS typifies the qualities of the type of attorneys we want to be. What more can you ask of a mascot?

You’ll be seeing quite a lot of ZeuS on our new website and on our social media channels over the next few months. Don’t worry though, he’s very friendly. Just don’t get on his bad side.