Professional Liability (E&O Claims)

Professional Liability Law in Germany (lawyers, attorneys, tax consultants, accountants, auditors)

In German Professional Liability Law the number of claims made against lawyers, attorneys, tax consultants, accountants and auditors increases from year to year. This tendency can generally be observed in German Liability Law and Tort Law. It can firstly be explained with the growing complexity of the fields in which advice is given. Secondly, it is – similar to management liability – the pure pressure of competition that incites advisors to go for higher risks in terms of quality of their services (i.e. due to time and cost pressure necessary considerations and assessments are not being undertaken). A third reason for the increase of professional liability cases in Germany may be the higher expectations on the clients’ side: clients are willing to take legal action against a lawyer or another advisor whenever they have slightest doubts about the correctness of an advice. These three reasons serve as a good explanation why Professional Liability Law in Germany (in regard to attorneys, lawyers, accountants, auditors and tax consultants) becomes more and more important nowadays.

Legal malpractice in Germany – Lawyers’ Professional Liability

Within the limits of the client’s instructions a German attorney has the obligation to provide a comprehensive and thorough legal advice and representation of the client’s interests in any direction. This includes going the safest path to meet the client’s target. Under German Liability Law it also means that a German attorney has to disclose obvious risks and doubts based on an assessment of the current case law on the matter he or she advises on. Otherwise a lawyer or another advisor (tax consultant, accountant, auditor) would risk to be held personally liable for legal malpractice. Especially in regard to legal malpractice the courts in Germany have quite high demands as to the duties and obligations of German lawyers towards their clients. Therefore, clients have good chance to get compensation in case their German Lawyers negligently causes a financial loss through an imperfect advice.

Professional Liability Lawyer in Germany (Legal malpractice)

Our German qualified attorneys assist you to enforce claims based on legal malpractice under German Liability Law. Further, our law firm assists you regarding liability claims against other advisors (tax consultants, accountants, auditors). In German Liability Law Attorney Dr. Christian Hendrik Zeller provides persistent representation of your interests. German Attorney Dr. Zeller acts for you nationwide before all Higher Courts and Appeal Courts in Germany.

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