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Attorneys for Media Law & Copyright Law in Germany: Procedural Representation of Clients in Media Law and Copyright Matters

ZELLER & SEYFERT is a German litigation law firm which is specialized – inter alia – in representing clients from around the world in media law and copyright matters in Germany, in the EU and in international proceedings. Our attorneys will represent you and your company out of court, for example by sending out warning letters on your behalf and demanding a signed cease and desist declaration from the infringer on your media rights or copyrights. Our attorneys will also represent you before all German and European courts (EGC, ECJ, ECHR). Google

Among our clients in the various areas of media law and copyright law rank in particular:

  • E-Commerce & Internet: Internet companies, online shops, online pharmacies
  • Film Law: Film makers, film studios, actresses, actors, acting agencies, performing artists and artist agencies, owners of film rights (copyrights), film music publishers, film music composers, casting agencies, directors, voice actors, screenplay writers
  • Music Law: Music publishers, record labels / record companies, music producers, music video producers, music studios, singers, songwriters and musicians, music composers, film music composers, film music publishers, music managers and music agencies, music promoters, event promoters / event managers / event organizers, tour managers / tour promoters, performing artists and artist agencies, owners of music copyrights and neighboring rights
  • Entertainment Law - Events: Event organizers, music event promoters, musical promoters, concert agencies
  • Performing Artists: Actresses, actors and acting agencies, stage actresses / stage actors, artist associations and artist agencies, directors, musicians, music bands and music managers, studio musicians, singers and songwriters, opera singers, musical performers and musical singers, conductors, voice actresses, voice actors and voice-over artists, dancers
  • Copyright Law: Filmmakers and film studios, photographers and photographic agencies, composers, musicians, music publishers and record labels, performers and artist agencies, event organizers and promoters of all types (e.g., for music, musicals, sports, entertainment), internet companies and online platforms of all kinds, software companies, software developers and software engineers, computer game publishers and computer game developers, choreographers and dancers, theaters, opera houses and festival halls, architects, engineers and project planners, book publishers and book authors, television networks, television broadcasters and television stations
  • Publishing Law: Book publishers, music publishers, film distributors
  • IT Law: Software Law and Computer Law: Software producers, software companies and software systems houses, data centers, computing centers and colocation centers, web designers and web programmers, IT consulting companies, IT service providers, backbone operators, hosting companies and Internet providers
  • Image Law & Photo Law: Photographers, depicted persons on photos or other pictures, photo models, people who were photographed against their will, people whose right to their own image was violated
  • Personality Rights (Defamation): people whose reputation was damaged, defamed people, slandered people, libeled people, companies whose economic appreciation was damaged
  • Press Law: Newspapers, periodicals, magazines, web portals, media companies, book publishers

In our litigation law firm Attorney at Law Dr. Christian Seyfert, LL.M. (USA) will handle your media law or copyright case. Christian is a Certified Copyright & Media Law Specialist as well as a Certified IP Law Specialist. He has dealt with media law and copyright cases in Germany, in the EU and on an international scale for many years.

Attorneys for Media Law & Copyright Law in Germany: Legal Representation in Summary Proceedings (Speedy Trials)

If media law or copyright issues are at stake, urgent legal action is regularly necessary to stop further infringements on your copyrights, personality rights or rights related to the press or the media. ZELLER & SEYFERT is a German litigation law firm which is acquainted with the peculiarities of summary proceedings (speedy trials) in media law or copyright disputes before German courts. In such summery proceedings, our attorneys will swiftly enforce your media law and copyright claims and seek an immediate injunction before the competent German court. Please just contact us for a quick evaluation of your case. Our attorneys are easy to talk to and happy to help to enforce your media law and copyright claims in Germany.

Your Contact Person in Media Law and Copyright Matters

Do you still have questions concerning the German, EU and international copyright and media law? Your contact person with ZELLER & SEYFERT concerning issues related to media law, copyright law, e-commerce & internet, film law, music law, entertainment law, the law on performing artists, publishing law, IT law: software law and computer law, image law & photo law, personality rights (defamation) and press law is Attorney at Law Dr. Christian Seyfert, LL.M. (USA). Christian is a Certified Copyright & Media Law Specialist and a Certified IP Law Specialist. Please just contact him by e-mail ( or by phone (+49 (0)69-58 80 972-40) about your copyright or media law issue.

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