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Attorneys for E-Commerce in Germany

Our attorneys take care about our corporate clients’ e-commerce issues in Germany. ZELLER & SEYFERT is a litigation law firm with specialized litigation attorneys who focus on the effective representation of their corporate clients in litigation matters before German courts. Our attorneys have specialized in particular in the legal representation of online stores and internet companies on all issues of e-commerce in Germany. Google

In our law firm, Attorney Dr. Christian Seyfert is, LL.M. (USA) and his team will take care of your e-commerce company’s case. Christian is a Certified Copyright & Media Law Specialist as well as a Certified IP Law Specialist. Christian is intimately familiar with issues of e-commerce from his daily legal practice. Christian represents online shops, internet companies and online pharmacies when they have legal issues while doing business in Germany. Christian has supported international e-commerce companies in Germany for many years. Please just contact him and talk with him about your e-commerce business ideas and your legal needs concerning German and EU internet and business law.

E-Commerce in Germany and the EU

E-commerce has become an integral part of economic life. The regulation of e-commerce has increased continuously in recent years in Germany and the EU. An online shop or internet company must heed numerous different legal provisions and regulations in Germany. International e-commerce companies often have to grapple with a number of problems when they want to bring their online businesses in line with the special requirements of German and EU law. These special provisions and regulations can be found in particular in German competition law, German data protection law and German internet and media law. The most prominent of these provisions and regulations can be found in the following German legislative Acts:

Attorneys for E-Commerce in Germany: Legal Analysis of your Online Shop for Errors

If your online store or your internet company is not in compliance with the German statutory provisions regulating e-commerce, it may receive cease and desist letters from competitors or consumer protection associations. These cease and desist letters are not free of charge. If the content of the cease and desist letter is accurate, your e-commerce company has to pay the attorney fees, damages and other expenses of your competitor on whose behalf the cease and desist letter had been sent. Our attorneys are experienced from their daily legal practice to identify and eliminate mistakes according to German e-commerce law in the online presence of internet companies.

Our attorneys will particularly check the accuracy of the following texts in your online store:

Attorneys for E-Commerce in Germany: Legal Representation of Online Shops and Internet Companies before German Civil Courts

ZELLER & SEYFERT is a German litigation law firm whose litigation attorneys have represented e-commerce companies for many years before German courts. In e-commerce litigation often the following cases are in dispute before German courts:

Our attorneys will protect the IP and commercial rights of your e-commerce company in Germany in and out of court. Our attorneys will send the infringer on your e-commerce rights a cease and desist letter and demand that he signs a cease and desist declaration to the benefit of your company. Our attorneys will also claim damages and information on the extent of the e-commerce violation on behalf of your company. If the infringer does not cooperate with our attorneys, we will promptly enforce your e-commerce rights to the benefit of your company before the proper German court.

Litigation in e-commerce matters is our attorneys’ forte. Our attorneys are easy to talk to. Please just contact them and have a discussion with them about your e-commerce case.

Attorneys for E-Commerce in Germany: Legal Representation of Online Shops and Internet Companies in Speedy Trials (Summary Proceedings)

E-commerce disputes are usually of particular urgency. Our attorneys will guide your e-commerce company through the procedure of a speedy trial before a German court. They will seek an immediate injunction against the infringer of the e-commerce rights of your company. ZELLER & SEYFERT’s litigation attorneys know the intricacies of injunction proceedings in speedy trials before German courts from their day-to-day legal practice. Your internet company can expect a prompt response from our law firm when you contact us with questions concerning an urgent e-commerce case.

If a German court has already issued an injunction against your company, a quick legal response by a German attorney to the German court is regularly necessary to meet all pending deadlines set by the German court. If this is advisable in the individual case and your company agrees, our attorneys will file an opposition motion with the German court against the preliminary injunction in order to get the court injunction quickly cancelled.

Attorneys for E-Commerce in Germany: Defending Online Shops and Internet Companies in Germany

If claims of e-commerce legal violations have been put forward against your internet company, our litigation attorneys will act quickly to improve the legal situation for the benefit of your company. Our attorneys will carefully assess the e-commerce dispute and advise your company about possible legal steps. Legal action from your side is particularly required, if your company has already been served with a complaint or other legal documents from a German court. ZELLER & SEYFERT will guide your company diligently and forcefully through your e-commerce dispute before the German court and check if counter-claims for the benefit of your company are possible.

Litigation in e-commerce legal matters is our litigation attorneys’ forte. ZELLER & SEYFERT are established litigators who will defend your internet company proficiently in your e-commerce case before German courts.

Your Contact Person in E-Commerce Matters

Do you still have questions about German e-commerce law? Your contact person in our law firm for all issues related to e-commerce, internet law and the law against unfair competition is Attorney at Law Dr. Christian Seyfert, LL.M. (USA). Christian is a Certified Copyright & Media Law Specialist as well as a Certified IP Law Specialist. Please just contact Christian by e-mail (seyfert@zellerseyfert.com) or by phone (+49 (0)69-58 80 972-40). He is easy to talk to and welcomes your calls.


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