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  • Law studies in London (United Kingdom), Frankfurt am Main and Mannheim with an international emphasis, law degree (Staatsexamen) in 2004

  • Working predominantly in the field of Employment Law (including the overlaps with Corporate Law) for more than 15 years, initially as a research assistant and PhD candidate at the Institute for Employment, Business and Civil Law at Goethe University in Frankfurt

  • Bestowal of the academic title „Doctor of Laws (Dr. jur.)” (PhD) by Goethe University in Frankfurt, based on a work on German and European Employment Law (supervised by Professor Dr. Dr. h. c. Helmut Kohl and Professor Dr. Dres. h. c. Manfred Weiss)

  • Published several articles in professional journals on topics concerning Employment Law

  • More than 11 years of practical experience in Employment Law, at first as a trainee lawyer in specialized boutiques and major international law firms in Frankfurt and Auckland (New Zealand) and the Employment Court in Frankfurt, then as an Attorney at Law

  • Former Head of the Employment Department of a medium sized international business law firm in Frankfurt

  • Former external Compliance-Officer of a larger medium sized business in the real estate industry in Frankfurt Rhine-Main

  • Former Chairman of the International Transactional Services Practice Group of an international society of law firms with about 3,000 attorneys at law from 200 member firms in 40 jurisdictions all over the world (headquarters in Michigan, USA); thereafter serving on the executive board of this Practice Group

  • Completion of the course to become a Certified Employment Law Specialist (Fachanwaltslehrgang für Arbeitsrecht, § 4 FAO)

  • Completion of the course to become a Certified International Business Law Specialist (Fachanwaltslehrgang für Internationales Wirtschaftsrecht, § 4 FAO)

  • Regular presentations on Employment Law and Liability Law

  • In addition to Continuing Legal Education: Completion of frequent Negotiation Trainings

  • Member of the Employment Law Practice Group of the German Bar Association, member of the German Employment Court Society

  • Formerly serving on the Supervisory Board of a medium-sized Joint-Stock-Corporation in the Financial Services industry

  • Former caucus chair of the local parliament (Ortsbeirat 2, City of Frankfurt am Main – Westend and Bockenheim)


German, English, Portuguese, French

Expertise (Business Litigation):

  • Employment Law – representing your interests before all German Employment Courts, all Higher Labor Courts and the Federal Labour Court

  • Liability Law / Business Law / Corporate Law – representing your interests before all Regional Courts and Appeal Courts throughout Germany

Most notable courtroom victories so far:

  • Winning a midsize 7-figure EUR judgment on behalf of a major international corporate group in the telecommunication industry as the lead attorney

  • Courtroom representation for a US American restaurant chain with locations worldwide in a trial against a former top executive („Senior Vice President Europe & Middle East“)

  • Court representation for a worldwide leading high technology provider headquatered in South Korea in a case against a former top manager („Sales Manager Germany“)

  • Courtroom representation for a top executive ("Partner EMEA Capital Markets") against one of the world's largest real estate services firms with headquarters in the US 

  • Courtroom representation for a senior executive („Sales Manager United Kingdom, Spain & Portugal“) in a trial against one of the leading German providers of storage media

  • Advising a top executive ("Vice President German Operations") in court proceedings against a major global US based logistics provider in the communications industry

  • Legal representation in administrative penalty proceedings against a German Federal Authority on behalf of a Swiss recruitment agency in relation to HR services carried out for a worldwide leading provider of jet engines Google

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