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Attorneys for Copyright Law in Germany: Legal Representation of Clients in Copyright Matters

ZELLER & SEYFERT is a German litigation law firm which supports and represents companies, artists, artist agencies, and creative entrepreneurs of all kinds in copyright matters in Germany. The German copyright system differs greatly from the North-American copyright system. In Germany, copyrights are not only economic rights, but also moral rights which protect certain personal rights of the authors. Moral rights can neither be waived nor transferred, which may, to some extent, impede distributors who try to use and exploit the copyright protected works in Germany. Also, a “work made for hire”-principle is not part of the German copyright system. In addition to copyrights, the German Copyright Act protects certain “neighboring rights” of artists, singers, performers, actors, record labels and event organizers.

In our law firm Attorney Dr. Christian Seyfert, LL.M. (USA) will handle your copyright case. Christian is an experienced copyright attorney who has dealt with copyright cases on a day-to-day basis for many years. Christian is a Certified Copyright & Media Law Specialist and a Certified IP Law Specialist. He has been protecting and enforcing copyrights of his clients in Germany and the EU in many lawsuits. He is a trusted expert in the protection and enforcement of copyrights in Germany and the EU. Google

Among our clients in the area of copyright law rank in particular:

Attorneys for Copyright Law in Germany: Legal Representation in Copyright Matters before German Courts

Competent for the assessment of copyright cases in Germany are the general German civil courts (District Courts and Courts of Appeal). Attorney Dr. Christian Seyfert, LL.M. (USA) has represented companies in copyright matters for many years before German courts. He will evaluate your copyright case in detail and give your company advice on how to move forward and litigate your copyright case in Germany.

Our law firm will in particular enforce the following copyright claims on behalf of your company before German courts:

  • Injunctive relief against the continued unauthorized use of the copyrights of your company (injunction against unauthorized copyright use)
  • Requests for information from the copyright infringer on the nature and extent of the unauthorized use of the copyrights of your company (right to information)
  • Claims for damages, in particular profits made ​​by the copyright infringer and compensation according to the license analogy principle (damages for copyright infringement)
  • Claims to destruct, recall or transfer illegally manufactured or distributed copyright protected products (destruction, recall or transfer of products which are in violation of copyrights)
  • Claims against the copyright infringer to submit certain bank, financial or commercial documents (submission of certain documents)
  • Claim to give notice of the court verdict in the copyright case to the public at the expense of the copyright infringer (publication of judgment)

Attorneys for Copyright Law in Germany: Legal Representation of Copyright Clients in Summary Proceedings (Speedy Trials)

If you are aware of continued copyright infringements in Germany to the detriment of your company, urgent measures are regularly needed to avert further damage. Our attorneys will swiftly enforce the copyrights of your company and seek an injunction in a summary proceeding (speedy trial) before the competent German court. Particularly urgent is usually also the preliminary enforcement of certain rights to information on the nature and extent of the copyright infringement and to the submission of certain bank, financial or commercial documents for the later calculation of damages. ZELLER & SEYFERT will deal with the copyright matters of your company promptly and seek quick injunctive relief to the benefit of your company before the competent German court.

Attorneys for Copyright Law in Germany: Warning Letters – Pre-Litigation Representation out of court

Owners of copyrights generally have the burden – according to German civil law – to first send a warning letter out of court to the copyright infringing party. This warning letter shall inform the copyright infringing party about its copyright violations and seek a possible settlement between the parties. Rushing with a copyright case to court without prior demanding from the copyright infringing party to cease and desist from its copyright violations may otherwise result in your company having to pay for the entire court fees and attorney fees of both sides, even if your company later wins the copyright lawsuit.

Attorneys for Copyright Litigation in Germany: Defending Clients against Copyright Claims of others

ZELLER & SEYFERT will also represent you and your company in the reverse situation: If somebody has put forward copyright related claims in Germany against your company, a prompt response by a German attorney is regularly necessary and generally advisable. A prompt response by a German attorney is particularly needed, if your company has been served with documents from a German court or your company has received such documents otherwise. Litigation in copyright matters in Germany is our attorneys’ forte. Our attorneys welcome your calls and e-mails for a quick evaluation about your copyright case.

Attorneys for Copyright Law in Germany: Border Seizures by the German Customs Authorities

Particularly successful copyright protected works like internationally successful motion pictures and music are often cheaply and illegally copied by product pirates. These pirates then try to smuggle the illegal copies (CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray discs etc.) into the domestic market – to the detriment of the owners whose copyrights have been violated. Our attorneys will support your company to intercept the illegal copies at the German border with the assistance of the German customs authorities. Our attorneys will then also have the illegal copies cracked and destroyed right at the border. ZELLER & SEYFERT will start the appropriate border seizure procedures with the German customs authorities on behalf of your company. Our attorneys will maneuver your company through the German border seizure procedure from its beginning until its successful completion. For more information please click on Border Seizure Procedures by the German Customs Authorities.

German Copyright Law and International Copyright Law

In a globalizing world, copyright cases are more and more frequently played out in an international or multi-national arena. Especially in complex international copyright cases, it is particularly important to get solid legal advice on the questions, in what countries and to what extent the enforcement of the copyrights of your company are possible. Our attorneys will discuss with you in detail the international copyright situation for your company, in particular, whether German courts have international jurisdiction in your copyright case and to what extent the copyrights of your company can be enforced in Germany. Together with our international cooperating partners, we can also help your company to enforce your copyrights and other IP rights in jurisdictions outside of Germany.

Your Contact Person in Copyright Matters

Do you still have questions concerning German copyright law? Your contact person with ZELLER & SEYFERT concerning issues related to copyrights, copyright protection and copyright litigation is Attorney at Law Dr. Christian Seyfert, LL.M. (USA). Christian is a Certified Copyright & Media Law Specialist and a Certified IP Law Specialist. Please just contact Christian by e-mail ( or by phone (+49 (0)69-58 80 972-40).


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